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Member Benefits

   We maintain and constantly update a website to provide a constant stream of information and assistance to our pensioners and war veteran members worldwide.

   Members will receive regular email updates informing them about employment opportunities, product discounts and savings, sick members (possibly confined to a hospital), and death notifications in a timely manner.

   Our members are encouraged to submit their suggestions and ideas. We value your input into our website.

   Members are permitted reasonable use of our website for personal use e.g. to promote functions, seek support for a cause, advertise items for sale, list rental properties, etc. Email support is also included with this use.

   All retired members of the Toronto Police Service regardless of previous rank and position are welcomed to join our Association.

   Associate members are allowed to join our association, for information please contact us.

  We maintain a member’s data base enabling us to locate and connect members who have lost touch with each other.

  We assist our members with medical claims and offer assistance and advice in time of need through phone calls and e-mails.

  We oversee the employer sponsored retired members and dependents Group Medical Health plans and liaise with the Police Services Board to make improvements when possible.

  We visit our members confined to a hospital.

  Whenever possible we attend the funeral of a deceased TPPA member.

  Donations are made to the charity of choice on the death of a member or the member's spouse.

  We promote and subsidize various social functions throughout the year.

  Financial assistance is provided to offset the costs to members in the preparation of (New) Wills.

  TV rental costs in hospital will be reimbursed to members to a maximum of 30 days rental per year

  We maintain an office along with the Toronto Police Association and Widows and Orphans located on the second floor at 2075 Kennedy Road. We have two executive members available from 9a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

  Our Executive Officer are also available on their cell phones, numbers listed on the Contact Us page.

  We attend OMERS meetings and make representations on behalf of our retired and active members.

  We provide financial support to the Police Pensioner’s Association of Ontario and lobby the Ontario Government with them for pension improvements and issues affecting senior citizens.

  Members are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings and have the opportunity to stand for election for our executive positions.

  We assist the Toronto Police Association at various yearly functions.

  We are constantly exploring other avenues and requests to update, enhance and increase benefits for our members.